Just a few fun pictures to show you our month thus far.

This is a baby. Why does she look so big.

Little early for the camera, but I got to say I am blessed.

Nothing like time in the closet playing in mommy stuff.

We own a tree. Yes it is fake but after three years of marriage I have a tree!!!

More to come soon. Praise to the King!!! For this time to Celebrate his birth.


Snoopy’s Christmas, White Christmas ohh I love this time of year. Fall and Winter have got to be such fun times.  So we are getting ready at our house. Christmas cookies here we come.


My dad came for a visit last Friday and as I made lunch this is what he and Emma did. So cute that I could not pass it up.



Yes that is a Tennessee sweatshirt. My family would not be very proud that I am such good friends with a volunteer but this volunteer is a  (HUGE) blessing to this Barrett family. I am so thankful to her and all that she means to us. Kelsey is a friend of mine from church. Most girls her age don’t want near a mom with 3 kids but Kelsey is always there with a smile to offer a hand.  Kelsey is someone who I want to give much thanks for. I am so grateful for all of your help and care with my babes. Thankyou. Thankyou so much.  With so much love, thankyou.

Nathan is getting ready to be 5 months old next week. It is so crazy how fast time flys. He has had a fun little life so far. Born at 8lb 15 oz. Came home and lost more weight than the doctor liked so we had to suppliment  hime with formaula for a few weeks to get his weight back up. Once we were in the clear stopped the formula and he is doing great. I am so proud of this little guy. Living with three girls he and his dad are so out numbered. He has grown to love the squeezes of love from his sisters. I am so excited to see what our little bubba does next. Here are a few pics to see where he has been.


little sweet baby





please no more pictures



Look at our guy


Okay I promise I am finished. Just get caught up in how much I love these little people. God blesses me everyday. Even on the hard days….much more to come.

With all of this free time today…. I am gonna post a few things.

This is such our little “princess”. I am very careful with this word because it is not one used often in our family. You see, we were not a family with a princess until Madame Adair came out of her shell. She is a very soft and sweet little girl to those whom she does not know but at home she is a dress up, heel wearing princess! It has been such fun to watch her play with all of her different gowns.  When we get home the shoes come off and the heels go on.  This one morning was a little moody but I managed to catch a shot of her.


Sorry the shoes were not on yet. I was wrong.


It was a sad but special day on Thursday night at our house.  I no longer have a girl in a baby bed. My two sweet girls are growing up. It is such a blessing to be able to watch first hand as they learn new things every day. I am so grateful for them to call me mom.  This is a jump in the norm of Barrett life, to have just one in a crib.



FALL!!!! This is by far my favorite time of the year. I love when it gets cooler in the mornings, a little breezy, and most of all the sweaters and hot chocolate! ( Yes, I am a lover of the coco) We have had many fun mornings going out on the porch to find new leaves that the wind has left behind. The girls are very fascinated with the fun leaves. Hope you are enjoying fall as much as we are.

Take me out to the ballgame!  Last Saturday night our family went to a River Bats ball game. It was a great night with all 5 of us together enjoying the nice weather, ball game and a slushie.  To our surprise the girls did awesome. I was so glad that we got to see most of the game. We are having such fun being a family of 5.  It has been so nice to be able to get out just as a family. Wanted to share a few pics from our evening.

Check out this daddy’s girl


This was cute. The famous Chicken was there this night and at one point he brought out his chicks.  It was just funny!


Nathan Scott with his alert looking self.  He is my Mr. Handsome!  


Where is the Janie bug? She is so friendly with everyone. Love that! This little lady can really eat.


Thanks for reading our family outing. Hope you all are doing well. With lots of love. The Barretts.

Today while I was in the back getting Nathan cleaned up I overheard Emma fussing at Jane. Not sure what was going on Nathan and I went to see. Emma was sitting in the laundry basket and fussing because Jane would not sit with her. The laundry basket is pretty small with not much space for two but Emma insisted that her little sister sit wth her. It was funny listening to them talk in their kid sister langauge.