Well. Emma is 35 weeks in utero today (Can you say in utero on a blog?…I think I just did). The funny part is that Ashley and I have only been married about 39 weeks. So much for that “getting to know each other” phase!!

A few interesting things about babies at 35 weeks. They are now head down which means they are in position to be born. Most babies at this stage weigh approximately 5 lbs. and measure about 18″ long. They are more or less completely developed. That means she could come tomorrow and probably be just fine after a brief stay in the hospital. The whole process has been amazing to watch. We’re so grateful that Emma appears to be completely healthy. No complications whatsoever.

The next few weeks will also mean Emma will be putting on a lot of weight. Emma will nearly double in size over these last 5 weeks. I feel like I’ve nearly doubled in size and I’m not even pregnant!

I can’t wait to introduce ya’ll to her!