I am a huge football fan – especially college football. My dad and uncle spent time at Texas A&M. My mom went to Auburn. My aunt went to Georgia for a masters degree. I went to The University of Florida. I hate Florida State (just as every good Gator fan does) even though many of my friends from high school ended up there and one of my very best friends from Southern is a big fan. I married into a family that bleeds UK blue and UoL red. If all this isn’t a recipe for dysfunction then I don’t know what is.

I have grown up on college football. I spent many Saturdays in The Swamp. I have been to some great games. I was at Peyton Manning’s last game against Florida in the Swamp in 1997 which made him winless against the Gators. I was at the UF-FSU game later that year when we beat FSU and kept them out of the National Championship game. I remember losing to Alabama on a missed extra point in overtime and sitting in the Swamp with 85,000 of my closest friends in stunned silence. I stood in the pouring down rain in Knoxville, TN and watched my Gators trounce Tennessee in 2002.

I’ve seen some great games on television too. I remember Raghib “The Rocket” Ismail returning a kickoff for a touchdown with only seconds left to lift Notre Dame over Colorado in the Orange Bowl only to have it called back because of a needless block in the back from a teammate. I remember curling up in between my parents to listen to the 1989 Auburn-FSU game at 2am because Armed Forces radio was doing a live broadcast of the game in Holland. Just a few short weeks ago I watched a certain orange and blue clad team beat up on a highly favored (overrated?) scarlet clad team.

I have played in great games. I have been to great games. I have watched great games on TV. But I have never seen anything like this: