We are officially one month away from meeting our daughter. Not much has changed with her inside the womb except she’s adding about an ounce per day at this point in the pregnancy.

It’s pretty stinkin’ exciting. Both of us are surprised at just how fast its gone by. I still remember finding out we were pregnant like it was yesterday. There was a scream from the foyer of the church when we got married and there was a scream from the bathroom when we found out we were pregnant!

As far all the preparations – they are steadily coming along. Ashley got a little overwhelmed on Monday with everything that we still need to get done but we’re in pretty good shape. The nursery is basically done. We need to get some things to decorate the walls with but other than that all the major pieces are in place. The crib is up with linens and everything. You can definitely tell Emma is her father’s daughter.

Emma’s Favorite PillowEmma’s CribEmma’s Closet

We had our first shower on Sunday. Two ladies from our college group put it on and they did an amazing job. Our church has blessed us so much. Aside from the dozens of gifts they brought and the beautiful decorations, our church has shown us genuine love and concern as we’ve walked down this road. They truly believe that to give is really better than to receive.

Here are a few pictures of the shower and some of the gifts:

Keep the cake away from the pregnant lady!Opening presentsThe gifts

Thanks so much Ninth & O!