I promise that the whole story is coming soon and you will not be disappointed! Emma came 10 days early which means daddy has spent the wee hours of his evenings (mornings?) finishing assignments, getting reading done, oh and making sure that Emma has clean diapers. Yes…I change diapers. It’s traumatic.

I created a Picasa page. It’s great. It’s a free site that allows you to post pictures so that others can see them. Needless to say with all the pictures we have taken (I feel like a stinkin’ tourist) we will be posting all of our pics of Emma there. You can access it by clicking here or by clicking on the link in the sidebar.

Here are a couple of videos I took the day Emma was born. The first is Emma getting a cold bath.  Very entertaining (in a twisted sort of way!).  The second is Emma meeting Ashley’s parents and grandparents.  There are four generations of woman in that room.  Very cool stuff.

Man I love the interweb!!