Wow.  It’s been awhile.  The Barrett Three are going strong and having loads of fun.  Kyle and I have been taking it easy this summer keeping up with normal stuff and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little niece Lydia Grace.  After four months of badgering and heckling being given to us (by “us” I mean Kyle) I am making the move to get us back into the blog world.  Our last post was on the arrival of Emma.  Well I just want to clarify she is here and doing well and has not graduated high school or gotten married yet.  As we approach her 4 month birthday we wanted to put some of our favorite pics up for all of her dearly loved family and friends to see.  We hope you enjoy them.

Little Miss Emma Jean is getting big.  It has been such a sweet time with her over the past few months.  She has accomplished many of things 4-month-olds are supposed to accomplish. :>  I must say though that as much as I would love to report that our little girl is so much like her mom, I am realizing more and more how much she is her papa made over.  She even sleeps like him.  It is scary.

With love from the ‘Ville,