Ashley and I are huge fans of the show LOST.  I have never been hooked on a show like this before…ever.  The acting is great.  The story is great.  The scenery is great.  The show has captured my interest like no other.  Yesterday I was working and guess who walks in?  Ethan from LOST.  His name is William Mapother and he’s actually a Louisville native.  I didn’t get to meet him because I found out about his trip to our store after he left the store.  Anyways, he plays a character on the show who is part of a group of people that the stranded survivors of Oceanic Flight #815 have affectionately termed “The Others”.  If you don’t know the show, The Others are apparently the bad guys.  There’s actually alot of debate over this in the blogosphere.  It’s probably a good thing I didn’t get to meet him because I probably would have embarassed myself by acting like a middle school girl or by telling him how much I hate The Others.

My good friend Timmy Brister tells a story about his encounter with “The Others”.  Please go read it.  You’ll be glad you did.