I know most of you checkout our blog to see those two sweet babies that I am honored to call mine, but before you get to see them I’d like you to read my ramblings. Life as a mom has been an up hill, learning experience for me. It has been such a time of relying on the Lord. I know God has carried me through these last 2 years as a mom. God new what the plan was when Kyle and I married – 2 babies in 2 years 🙂 – and I am so overwhelmed with humble love for that.

We are now entering into toddlerhood with Emma Jean. She brings me to tears with laughter more times than I can count. She’s an example of pure joy. To see her laugh makes me blubber. If I love her this much, how can I even explain God’s love for us.

My sweet baby, Jane Adair. She’s 4 months old and beginning to roll over and sit up on her own. I feel like I’m constantly looking at Kyle made over. She’s fun to sit and watch and just listen to. Miss motor mouth! She talks all the time. We are not sure at what or about what, but she’s a bit of a talker!

God has made my heart so big. It’s funny how much your time gets spread thin but your love and joy increases with more kids. Can anyone say L-U-K-E?! No, were not pregnant but I’ve already got the itch.

Quick question for anyone who can help – I am begining to look into some preschool prep material. I want to get Emma going on some school stuff later this year. Does anyone know of any good books or other resources I should look at to use with her? If you know of anything, please let me know.

Thanks and enjoy!