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Snoopy’s Christmas, White Christmas ohh I love this time of year. Fall and Winter have got to be such fun times.  So we are getting ready at our house. Christmas cookies here we come.



My dad came for a visit last Friday and as I made lunch this is what he and Emma did. So cute that I could not pass it up.



Yes that is a Tennessee sweatshirt. My family would not be very proud that I am such good friends with a volunteer but this volunteer is a  (HUGE) blessing to this Barrett family. I am so thankful to her and all that she means to us. Kelsey is a friend of mine from church. Most girls her age don’t want near a mom with 3 kids but Kelsey is always there with a smile to offer a hand.  Kelsey is someone who I want to give much thanks for. I am so grateful for all of your help and care with my babes. Thankyou. Thankyou so much.  With so much love, thankyou.

Take me out to the ballgame!  Last Saturday night our family went to a River Bats ball game. It was a great night with all 5 of us together enjoying the nice weather, ball game and a slushie.  To our surprise the girls did awesome. I was so glad that we got to see most of the game. We are having such fun being a family of 5.  It has been so nice to be able to get out just as a family. Wanted to share a few pics from our evening.

Check out this daddy’s girl


This was cute. The famous Chicken was there this night and at one point he brought out his chicks.  It was just funny!


Nathan Scott with his alert looking self.  He is my Mr. Handsome!  


Where is the Janie bug? She is so friendly with everyone. Love that! This little lady can really eat.


Thanks for reading our family outing. Hope you all are doing well. With lots of love. The Barretts.

Today while I was in the back getting Nathan cleaned up I overheard Emma fussing at Jane. Not sure what was going on Nathan and I went to see. Emma was sitting in the laundry basket and fussing because Jane would not sit with her. The laundry basket is pretty small with not much space for two but Emma insisted that her little sister sit wth her. It was funny listening to them talk in their kid sister langauge.

Seriously, these pictures should have been put up awhile ago.  Sorry.  Ok, so Kyle and I have never gone to the fair together.  I have asked and asked him to go but he was never very interested in going.  Well fun fun this is the first year we went.  Two kids later but we went. 🙂  Our great friends, Ryan and Emily McBride, went with us and we had a really good time.  I am so glad that we went this year.

Emma saw her first cow! She was not impressed
Emma saw her first cow! She was not impressed
Emma and Kyle
Emma and Kyle
Jane with Emily and Ryan (ugle shirt Emily)
Jane with Emily and Ryan (ugly shirt Emily)
Family picture, yea everyone is looking, sort of.
Family picture, yea everyone is looking, sort of.

Thanks for checking out our fun fair day. It was fun.

Kyle’s parents came into town the last weekend of August for a visit. I love when they come to see us, it is always fun times. Emma and Jane got to spend some time with there Granna and Papa B. I think they wore them out. Miss Emma is very busy.  The girls loved getting to see them. 

After many long busy days of us taking them on outings with the girls, Kyle and I loved keeping them up late to play cards. It is becoming a Barrett tradition. I really enjoy the competition between the girls and guys. Joyce and I own the Kyle and Scotty at cards. Thanksgiving rematches are in order.

Anyway, the Sizemores, who are old family friends of the Barrets, had a lunch date with Scotty and Joyce.  A plane ride came up in conversation over lunch.  Scotty jumped at the idea to take a ride in a bi-plane.  Lucky for us, Kyle and I both got to go for a ride too!  Here are a few pics of the weekend and the trip in the plane.

By the way…it was so amazing.

we went to play putt-putt

we went to play putt-putt

The zoo

The zoo


Pappa B getting ready to go

Pappa B getting ready to go

he is flying....

he is flying....

Emma and Kyle waving bye

Emma and Kyle waving bye

Granna, Jane Adair, and Ms Karen  (I love these girls)

Granna, Jane Adair, and Ms Karen (I love these girls)

Kyle, my husband is crazy

Kyle, my husband is crazy

look at this plan

look at this plane

Look I got to go too. I was scared, I can't lie.

Look I got to go too!

This was such a fun weekend. Thank you Joyce and Scotty for making the trip to come and see us. We love you.

Jane has been sitting up for about a month now and I am so proud of her. She is getting ready to be 6 months on the 24th. She is doing so well. Look out Emma here she comes. Check out my baby. She is so big and strong. Go Jane!!

she is so sweet

she is so sweetI love my Jane Adair

I know most of you checkout our blog to see those two sweet babies that I am honored to call mine, but before you get to see them I’d like you to read my ramblings. Life as a mom has been an up hill, learning experience for me. It has been such a time of relying on the Lord. I know God has carried me through these last 2 years as a mom. God new what the plan was when Kyle and I married – 2 babies in 2 years 🙂 – and I am so overwhelmed with humble love for that.

We are now entering into toddlerhood with Emma Jean. She brings me to tears with laughter more times than I can count. She’s an example of pure joy. To see her laugh makes me blubber. If I love her this much, how can I even explain God’s love for us.

My sweet baby, Jane Adair. She’s 4 months old and beginning to roll over and sit up on her own. I feel like I’m constantly looking at Kyle made over. She’s fun to sit and watch and just listen to. Miss motor mouth! She talks all the time. We are not sure at what or about what, but she’s a bit of a talker!

God has made my heart so big. It’s funny how much your time gets spread thin but your love and joy increases with more kids. Can anyone say L-U-K-E?! No, were not pregnant but I’ve already got the itch.

Quick question for anyone who can help – I am begining to look into some preschool prep material. I want to get Emma going on some school stuff later this year. Does anyone know of any good books or other resources I should look at to use with her? If you know of anything, please let me know.

Thanks and enjoy!

Kyle and I have had a busy year and 9 months and we are so excited to introduce the newest addition to our clan, Ms Jane Adair. She joined us on March 24th 2008 at 4.17 am, weighing in at 7 lbs 15 oz. For those who do not know that is a day apart from her big sister, Emma Jean, whose birthday is March 25th. Wow, no kidding – fun year.  So here are some pictures of our little blessing.

Jane weighs how muchHello my beautiful blessing Emma loves her sister

Daddy and his girls...I love my familyJane at home

Jane looks like her daddy.

Now that you have met Jane please tell me who she looks like?  Do you think our boys might look like there mom?! Such a sweet blessing. Praise God for two healthy girls.