Well. We are nearing the end of the pregnancy. Ashley was 38 weeks on Wednesday. “They” say that she weighs approximately 6 or 7 lbs. and measures about 19 or 20″. In layman’s terms that means she could take Chuck Norris in a bar fight except she wouldn’t be in a bar so make it a cage match in which case she would be vying for some kind of title which means she would be up for some kind of prize money which means…bingo…daddy can get himself a Taylor! Man it’s great being a dad.

The last minute preparations are being made. The car seat has been installed…I just hope we did it correctly. It doesn’t slide back and forth. It’s on lock down. The only problem is that cold leather makes for a nice side-to-side motion especially when Ashley Barrett aka “Jr.” is at the wheel. I’m not sure Emma will be able to appreciate negative G’s her first trip home. The hospital bag has been packed. Speaking of which, Ashley informed me today that my favorite shorts and long sleeve T-shirt had been “packed” which means that I won’t be seeing them again until Emma comes on the scene. We went to visit the Maternity Wing at Baptist Hospital East last week. The delivery rooms are teched out. You’ve got your standard baby monitors, heated crib, etc. But the most amazing piece of equipment – a flat screen TV mounted in front of the bed! That means that I can wipe Ashley’s forehead and give affirming touches while at the same time catch every minute of March Madness! We’re (okay I’m) hoping that Emma comes the same day that my Gators repeat as National Champs. That would make for a great story one of these days.

Please continue to pray for us as we get to the end. Emma is healthy. Mom is healthy. We just hope that holds true for the next 2 weeks.